Poll: Do you ever feel bad for your guitar?
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25 57%
19 43%
Voters: 44.
do you ever feel bad for using one guitar more than the other..so youll go pick it up and play it. I do and i dont know why but i have 5 guitars and i am always going back and forth between them all. I think they all mean to much too me. I made too much of a connection with them. Anyone else like this?
um, no..... i never play my squier any more and i plan on selling it soon... i hope that doesn't hurt its feelings, but maybe it will go to a place with someone who cares
i know its wierd but i felt bad when i sold my old guitar to a guy i don't like
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Since I bought my Ibanez shred machine, I haven't really used my DeArmond hollowbody much. But everytime I pick it up, I realize how much I love it, and i make sure to let it know as well
well i only have an acoustic and an electric and i know when i have been playing one too much cause the other one looks neglected :P
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I've got like 5 guitars, only 3 of which are playable (not needing repair). I feel bad for one if I don't play it as much, so I'll pick it up and play it and realize that I love it just as much...

But I'm just odd.
i think thats why i get alot of practice becuase i need to play all my guitars the same amount of time so it takes me all day to do so.
I dont feel bad for it. I play my starter guitar every so often just for variety, but i dont really care about it.
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i plan to sell my ltd to buy an rr3 and i more feel bad because my dad gave it to me as a gift, but it just isnt my guitar, i actually picked it out and all so it all falls down on me though.
Yup, I feel pretty bad when I use one guitar more than another.

I love them both equally, and I get guilt pangs when I play one guitar more than the other.

That's why I try to hold my GAS back and keep only a few guitars. I hate to see the others sit while I play my favorite. I try to play them all at least once every couple days.
I don't.
My Vendetta 4.0 gets played 4x as much as my shitty Warlock.

I actually feel better when I neglect my BC rich. Like im doing something good in the world.
No. They understand .
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yeah i feel bad for my guitars when i play one more than the other