I'm doing my HSC for music, what are some good songs to play?
I was thinking of Zappa a lot. But i'm not sure.
We have 3 electives and a core performance.
I've chosen:
Core- ? possibly a Cacophony/Jason Becker medley , or Heaven and Hell (Dio;Sabbath)
elec1- performance ; Joe Satriani, Tears in the Rain
elec2- performance ; ?
elec3- composition

If there are any Aussie's who have completed their HSC in music maybe you could suggest something.

I don't think you need much info here. I obviously want to do well.
I think this is the right forum to speak.


My original choices were:
Core: Heaven and Hell
1: composition
2: pink panther (possibly fingerpicking or i'll arrange it for bass guitar and percussion)
3: tears in the rain
My cousin played some satriani. I wish I had picked music. Good Luck!
My name is Andy
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It's better than the rest of my subjects. I wouldn't mind doing Music 2 and extension, but i'd die in them haha. Ask your cousin maybe he/she can give me a clue. I'm looking for fairly good marks. Since i'll die in the writing part i think..