Ok guys, first off I have an epiphone LP custom and a MG100DFX(I'm probably getting a quality tube amp soon so its cool.) As the title says I'm wondering if replacing my stock humbuckers will really be worth it. IMO they sound pretty good(or is this just the wood?). I've been thinking of getting the Dimarzio PAF Pro and Super Distortion. I've heard great thinks about them but I'm not sure if they really will make a big difference. Some people say after this upgrade it will sound almost as good as a gibson. Basically I'm looking for a good high gain sound out of the bridge and a well rounded sound for both distortion and clean from the neck. Like I said the stocks do this well. Will these pickups make it sound amazing?

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I have an Epiphone Custom Flametop as well. I also own a Gibson 59 reissue flame top LP.. I think the Epiphone sounds fine stock. It's not the guitar that the 59 is but it wouldn't be with the most expensive pickups in the world either. They are different, and I like them both. The Ep is a fine guitar...
If you like the pickups that are in it now, why would you want to change them?
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they are good like i said. The neck gets tolerably muddy with distortion. Basically I'm looking to make my guitar sound even better instead of buying a brand new one that is going to cost me a ton.