Hi everyone,

Well I've just been fooling around with my guitar, I'm no expert, but I've come across a few starting chords that I'm hoping to turn into a song, but the question is, how do I know where to move next to make this all sound good?!

(I'm in Eb tuning)

6 (6h7) for a second and then...


I feel like I should move down lower now, but I have no idea how to go about determining what else might sound good. Any help? How do I name these chords even? thanks for reading.
The first chord is:

Ab Ab Db Bb Eb

I'm not sure how to name that, but I'd call it Absus4add9... Which isn't a legitimate chord name I know, someone correct me on that.

The second:

Db Ab Db Bb Eb

The same chord, but with a Db as the root.

The key could be Gb Major.

I'm not near any musical instrument so I can't hear what I'm reading, but I'd suggest going down to a Gb chord. What kind of mood are you trying to create?
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I don't have my instrument with me either at the moment, but I just wanted to reply that I'm looking for a more slow, somber sort of tone to the song as a whole.