Yeah, he's pretty damn fast, but a lot of it is dead notes, i'd be much more amazed if he was playing all those slaps and pops actual notes.
Rule #12: Don't post videos just to post them.
"But what do you mean?", you say?
I mean, don't post SICK BASS SOLO. Post a sick bass solo by Billy Sheehan in a thread about Billy Sheehan. Post a video of you tapping and ask if your form is correct.
I mean, don't just make an international google video thread. It becomes a stupid clickathon of no productiveness, and it seems to happen once a week here; and its not the rule in any other forums, but voila. The Bass Forum is always a better forum. All random videos can be posted in the Video thread stickied to the top.

In b4 warning.

(not me, btu meh, reported?)