Quote by Dance
Your band name is pretty lame...If i was being honest

Woops sorry

I thought that was your band name

What style of music do you play?

Youcant really here from the recordngs on the Myspace
Guys I wouldnt bother changing your name because names arnt everything. But listen guys this is FRIENDLY Criticism because I used to hate being ripped apart by stupid people who think they know everything. I am not one of those perople but I am 15 years old as are the rest of my band (thats only 1 year older than you guys) and when we play the quolity of our music shows, your music (No affense) sounds weak and powerless.
Put more emotion into what you are doing guys and everything will be great your music will become meaningfull if you mean and feel what you are doing!

Live Free guys and Keep things real

Chris x
I hate to be an ass. But the rhythm guitar sounds of tune and has way too much gain it sounds suffocated. The drums are off time in alot of spots. Overall, tighten up the sound and play together. The recordings sounded quite incoherent to me.
hey, just to let you guys know guys w/ les pauls isnt our band name. we dont have one, yet and just put that together quick.