i've been playing for about 6 weeks now and i've been playing a few songs. I've been messing around with wonderwall and for some reason the high e string rings out louder than the others. I have the capo on the 2nd fret and i am making sure that i am holding it down hard enough. whenever i listen to the song i can't hear that string hardly at all. any thoughts on why its ringing out so noticeably?
If it's on electric then a simple pickup adjustment could fix the problem.
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theres a 99.9% that its simply a little out of tune. The "volume difference" is simply the contrast between that note and the other strings. Especially if its on accoustic, which I would imagine it would be. The other .1% chance is that you have a horribly deformed arm that just hits that one string harder.
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lol yea thats what i thought it was too but when the capo is off its in tune....im new to capos i dont have to retune when i put a capo on do I?