alright:well here"s the deal>>>my computer is being extremely insane right now< worse than it"s ever been before>first off< and most obvious< my keyboard is just awful>when i try to put my cursor somewhere<it highlight the entire text>>>and i have to type on caps lock all the time<because if i put it on num lock IT LOOCKS LIKE THIS> also< when i click on links on firefox< rather than keeping me on that page and directing the clicked on link in the same window< it opens an entirely new window>>>

please help< i"m running a virus scan now>
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Seriously,I don't know much about computers. I don't even know why I looked at this thread.
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Which operating system are you running?
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Is it a laptop?
If yes, then the NUM LOCK is on.
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first option should always be a restart, then virus scan, then format hard drive and re-install operating system
My old room mate had something similar happen but he had keyboard issues. I would see what the virus scan says. Then I would try to reboot your system into safe mode if you are running windows. This means restarting your system and hitting F8 and then choose safe mode. This will disconnect you from the internet so you wont be helping the virus spread and also it may help in other ways. Also unplug your keyboard and try it in a different computer. If it works fine then you know the problem is with your computer and not your keyboard. If you have any drivers associated with your keyboard try uninstalling them and re-installing them. I am guessing it is a virus since it is messing with your firefox and your mouse. If your computer identifies the virus then google it and download all the info on how to fix that virus. If you have to restart in safe mode do so but remember no internet so print things off, or save them offline so you can view them in safe mode. I hope that all helps. Let me know if you need more help. Peace.