ive been playing for about 12 months now, 8 religiously and i decided to try my hand at the Solo of bohemian rhapsody, my problem is when trying to play this part



i'm just far too slow, i've seen videos of people on youtube and it seems effortless, i was trying to alternate pick it but its still not fast enough.

is there any other picking methods or ideas of how to speed myself up.
Watch a live clip of it being played and see how it is played.
Play it really slow alternate picking. Get powertab editor, download the powertab file and change the tempo.
it's amazing how many people think playing fast is a trick that can be learnt instantly
Althought it IS NOT how the tab is written, try to play everything with legato and sweeps. I mean, hammer-ons and pull offs. If you have a good legato, at least you could try to play it fast. But anyway train the alternate picking, you wont regret it in the future.
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start slow then work your way up to its speed....and "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT"

As if that post was of worth, how many times a day is that said?

If you cant play it, and it is frustrating you too much, then there is no point in sitting there trying to play it when you cant. Move on to something a little less challenging. This does NOT mean that you should play things that you can already play and things that arent a challenge at all. Always aim to practise songs that are above your skill level, but it is up to you to decide how far up you want to go. Take a step back and after a month or two try it again.

And by the way, practise does not make perfect, it merely brings you closer to being perfect. Youll never get there, but youll get closer...
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i don't think thats its too difficult for me, i feel its definately a challenge but i know i'll get it.

Anyway i have taken a step back from it and i'v been onto UGs lessons section and i'm now practicing the alternate picking, trying out the examples, i'm gonna stick at those and do them for a while each time i pick up my guitar.

cheers for all the help!