Right then, we have a very good thread for the newer guitarists, however, for those of us who have cast aside the shackles of learning endless Green Day and Nirvana songs, there appears to be no resource.

Post nothing too complicated please. The most complicated one of the Beginner thread was Stairway...yeah...so, IMO nothing significantly harder than stairway in this thread please. Maybe in a while ! Please post links to the tabs you used as well, it was bloody annoying when somebody suggested a song in the last thread only to find out it was impossible to get tabs for.

Ok then, I will start us off :

JerryC-Canon Rock
Very easy song, actually.

Jack Johnson - Broken
Also quite easy, but you can sing along to this, so if you need to train your combined singing/guitar playing abilities, this is a good song to learn IMO. Not too much singing ! + Learn it before Valentine's day, sing it to your girlfriend, and I guarantee buttsecks. 100% definite.

My Chemical Romance
Most of their stuff is pretty 'intermediate'. Some of its piss easy. Some pretty hard (even though they are emo, and presumably the guitar is a hard instrument to play with bandages all over your wrists.).

The Killers - Mr Brightside
Surprisingly hard, I thought. Oh well !

Rock Lee's Theme - From the Anime Naruto
Tab is perfect. Good song too, since the second arc is starting next week....could be a hit with all your cosplaying friends !

And last but not least.

Blink 182 - I wanna **** a dog in the ***.
- No Link, its not here I don't think. It's not even that hard...just learn it because you can.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Post 'em up