Just a beginner on my electric (I play mostly blues, and have been playing acoustic for a goo while,) and although I understand I should probably learn to play 'clean' before venturing into effects, I've been thinking about a set...
Just wondering about people's thoughts on this:

For $150 for five pedals, I figure I cna't go wrong...unless they're absolute crap. Are they worthwhile? As a beginner, I think this is a decent deal (as long as they odn't suck too much) as it would give me a good range of effects, which I could always replace with better ones as I go along. Thoughts? Thanks!
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Danelectro is one of those strange brands that people either swear by or detest. I'm not a huge fan of their pedals because with guitar I've always followed the "You get what you pay for" rule. If I were you I'd venture to my local guitar shop and see if I could try them out, but even then it's a bit of a gamble because they make sound great in the shop, but as soon as you take them home and try them out for a week they crack or break.
i thought about those at first, but i read countless great reviews on the Digitech RP250 which also cost 150$. if you want my opinion go with the rp250 its great((check it out at least!!)) i bought mine from musiciansfriend, and its amazing. i dunno much about the danelectro pedals but go to harmony-central.com and check out their reviews. musiciansfriend's reviews are sometimes (very) baised, as they're looking more to sel..
danelectro make good effects pedal, the best part is the simplicity. One thing is that their not as reliable as other pedals and are prone to breaking etc and aren't as easy to switch around cos of the small stomp button.

YOur gonna be getting what you pay for with this set
Hey it seems like not too bad of a deal. The question is are you going to use all of the effects on a regular basis. I have a Danelectro Daddy O. Overdrive Pedal and I love it. It can give you a great old tube-ish sound or a mean crunchy sound. For a distortion pedal it can do pretty much whatever I need it to do. It is like 60 bucks and then 8-10 bucks for the power adapter. I then have a chorus pedal and a wah pedal. I really don't use either all that much as of late but they are nice to have. After that for me I really don't need much. I guess it really depends on the sound you want. I mean for blues I would think that you might need a wah and distortion. Maybe a volume/Wah pedal. Other than that I am not sure what other effects you would need since if you want that raw sound you want a tube sound or a very clean sound, and then it depends on the amp. I would definatly go try some things out at your local guitar shop. Sometimes they have a whole effects thing you can try. I hope that all helps.
^Thanks...that does make sense. Maybe not the best for now, if 'm going to end up with a bunch of pedals I don't use. I've got a semi-hollow, and I've heard that distrotion doesn't sound too hot with them, so I'm probably going for a more classic, bassy tone. TRhe overdrive might actually work if I get the right settings...but what do I know, I'm just getting started!
"He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original."
--Alice Cooper, on Marilyn Manson.
hi there. i know what you mean. i thought about buying it too, but ive decided to go for just a distortion pedal - i dont want to have so many pedals that i sound like everyother pedal junkie. i like individuality.