I recently got a Cort EVL-Z6 guitar and its great, and i needed a new strap for it. My father baught me one from an extremely overpriced local music store, and itsa not bad, but it seems to fall off the strap button on the neck side of the guitar. It was $20 and i know i can get a better strap for about that much. So im just wondering if there are any straps that go decently high and are really comfy. My friends yamaha gel-filled strap is great. But i also want it to look good with the guitar. the one he got me does look great and the red fur on the top matches the inside of my coffin case perfectly. So again, im just looking for a good strap that will stay on the strap buttons. Now this is where the strap-lock question comes in. Is it the strap or the strap buttons thats making it fall off? And if it is the strap buttons fault the strap is slipping, i want a really good pair and i need them in black. Im not gunna be doing the swinging thing with my guitar, i just want them to keep my guitar in place.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Schaller strap locks are:

1: Good
2:Cheap (like 15 bucks)
3:Available in black
4:Need I say more?

EDIT: You should always use strap locks anyway.
is the schaller straplock any better than the planet waves locking strap?
i have one of them but im not sure if i should just get the schallers
schaller strap locks and a cliplok strap, preferably white.
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Just get Schaller straplocks for your strap, and it should do the trick, and then put straplock buttons onto your guitar. If you have to get a new strap you could look at Levi's, I have a few of them and they have worked for all of my guitars, mind you they costed about 45 dollars each Canadian. So I don't know what your price range is. Get a strap with a wide part for the should with padding though.
Well i do own two levys, i just wanted to explore more options... i think im gunna stay with my strap just get some strap locks...off to ebay!!!