Nothing serious or that, it's just I got this as a beginners bass and I was wondering how good it was.. It's a Stagg make.

- pickups: 1 x jb + 1 x pb - controls: 2 x volume + 1 x tone - body: solid alder wood - neck: hard maple / 867mm/ 34 1/8" - fingerboard: rosewood / 24 frets - bridge: "jb" classic - machine heads: diecast nickel, black - colour: transparent red.

I got all the info from the website. Any help appreciated!
If i'm right that's almost exactly the same as my 5 string, but mine's got 2 J pickups instead of the P+J combo, not bad for the money, and a surprisingly good beginners bass.
Its reasonable for a beginners bass. nothing exceptional, but you could do far worse
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Cheers! But just for future help, does anyone fancy explaining the pickups to me? Like what does "jb" and "pb" mean?
The P pickup is the split one, and is named after the Fender Precision Bass. It's split to reduce hum, and has more of a warmer, rounded sound.

The J one is the one nearer the bridge, named after the Jazz bass. Its sound has more treble and is therefore sharper than the P pickup.