I'm new to this but I'm going to give it a go.

On my S470 I'm putting in a Dimarzio Evo 2 in the bridge.

There are 3 wires coming off the old INF2 pickup.
One white, one red and one black.

The white one goes to the far left last post on the 5 way pickup selector.

The red one to the 3rd from right post on the 5 way pickup selector.

The black one to the back of the volume pot.

I'm guessing the white on the far left is for the normal bridge selection, the 3rd from right red is for middle/bridge pickup and the black is earth.

Heres the confusing bit.

The Dimarzio evo2 has 5 wires coming off it.

One red.*hot

One white

One black.

One green. *ground

One bare wire. *ground

Iv read that you solder the red one to the post on the far left, white and black together then to the one on 3rd from right.
Then green and bare together with tape soldered to the back of the volume pot.

Is this how i should do it for normal Parallel wiring?
Bump, after reading some more,
Would, wiring the red to 3rd from right, the black and white together, then green and bare to volume pot be the best idea?
oh and white and black to original white
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You solder the hot to the switch, in whatever position the pickup belongs.
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