My class started reading the Odyssey(Book 9) today in class and I didnt understand a word of it. My teacher assigned me a question and I have no idea what the answer is. I read it over(the book) but I didnt really understand. Heres the question

What is ironic about Odysseus's handling of the cyclops situation at the end of book 9?

help please!!

thanks in advanced
The Odyssey kicks ass. To bad you can't understand it.
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godamn I just did this last year.....too bad I can't remember it though. It has been the only thing I have enjoyed reading my entire high school career (for lack of a better term).
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Something about him blinding the cyclops, and saying his name was "noman". When he calls out to the the other cyclopses, he says "Noman has blinded me", or "No one has blinded me".
he told him his name is Nobdy (nobody). so when the cyclops yelled for help, he said "nobody is hurting me, help me, nobody's poking my eye out" type of thing. you need to work on understanding poems
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it's not too hard to understand, we just finished it last week
very good poem
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