I just started trying to learn slide guitar. Ive been playing guitar for 2 years. I know about 20 different scales(moveable). I have very good music theory knowledge.

For those of you playing slide, do you use open or standard tunings? Drop D?

Ive been playing EADGBe, playing scales and double stops but I dont like it too dissonant and the rhythm sucks. So i started playing DADGAd and I like this though the scale playing is ungainly but the double stops and rhythm is better. The rhythm for CGDGCd is great and bluesy.

Does anyone have a favorite open tuning or technique for playing in standard with slides?
Open G
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Quote by Atreideslegend
errr rhythm??? do u mean its better for rhythm playing???

i mean i prefer the sound of the chords and progressions that i get from playing in this tuning
open E is easily the best

E A E A C# E

In My Time of Dying by Led Zeppelin

Red Rain by the White Stripes

are both kickass
I'm in Open G right now, thanks to the influence of Clapton's version of "Walking Blues".
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