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I recently started using Dropped D tuning ....but i play all the barre chords the same way .....just that i dont strum the 6th string.....for example when i play a G major Barred...i dont strum the 6th string ....is this the wrong way to play it since the root note is on the 6th string ?
yes. I think it's wrong. It sounds better when you play the 6th string.
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That's an acceptable way of doing it. The root is no longer the lowest note, but that's okay, especially if the bass player takes care of said root note. You could (WARNING: MAY CONTAIN HENDRIX CONTENT) wrap you thumb around the play the root 2 frets higher than it would normally be played (see Fig 1), but that isn't necessary.

Fig 1

This is a G major chord in dropped D.  Play the lowest (in pitch) note with your thumb.
You're still getting the G notes on the D string 5th fret and high E string 3rd fret, but G isnt the bass note anymore, the D (5th fret A string) is now your bass note.
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Bandgoodcharlotte's post was gold. Pretty much exactly what i was going to say.
You could also play the chord an octave higher with the root on the 10th fret of the A string.
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