What is up with christian metal??? (no offense) Yes i am a HUGE fan of metal (atreyu, saosin, A7X, etc.) but bands such as Norma Jean or underoath i dont understand. I went to the Bookery (a christian bookstore) and i was browzing the CDs every one was listening to gospel and all the sudden i start playing Norma Jean (they make descent music) and every one looked at me like i made a big jesus joke. Yes it is music but isnt metal considered demon-like and satanic. Ive read the lyrics there is no god and jesus maybe talking about fire wich does represent god but still
i believe i had made by point

Instrumental music can't possibly be deemed as anything.

How can a guitar riff alone sound demonic? The lyrics should be all that matters when considering a band's message.
first off you are a HUGE fan of shit music. saosins not even ****ing metal

second, in bands like norma jean and underoath, all the members are christian. god influences their life and every decision they make. this includes influences on their music and lyrics. that is why they are labelled christian.

third, you didnt make a point. your a ****tard.
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I seriously didn't understand this post. What exactly are you asking? Whether Christian metal has to have religious lyrics? Norma Jean/Underoath are less Christian than they are...not...non-Christian, meaning their lyrics just aren't anti-Christian/anti-religious. Metal as a genre is considered to be much more anti-religious than metalcore, which is what Underoath and Norma Jean are. Becoming The Archetype is another Christian metalcore band, albeit more directly religious than the other two, and they do the same general sort of thing.
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dude I seriously hate the whole demonic stereotype thing. Just because metal's loud and aggressive doesn't mean the whole genre should be dismissed as devi's music. Yes, some bands are satanic and blaspheme christianity, but that's not everyone, and that's not what metal's about.

Also, when it comes to Christian Metal, Stryper FTW!
Becoming the Archetype is one of my favorite bands.....it kind of pisses me off when someone asks if they anti-religous like all the other heavy bands...and it's fun to see their face when I tell them they're christian...
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A.) None of those bands are metal
B.) If you thought they were metal, why would you take this to the Hardcore forum?
C.)Norma Jean and Underoath are just Christians in a band, the lyrics don't have to be about God.
D.) I am still not sure what you just tried to point out to us all.
This guy is ****ing clueless.

Atreyu and Saosin are so NOT metal.
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First offf Atreyu and A7X are hardcore/metalcore and Saosin is just rock. Secondly, there are a couple of good Christian bands that play heavy music(Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, underOATH, and As I Lay Dying being the most famous). Their music is considered Christian mainly because they call themselves a Christian group. Also its because most or all of their music is about overcoming obstacles in life through Christ's help. The music itself is not religious, but the band and some lyrics are. idk if this answered the question but i hope that it helped.
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Christian hardcore bands such as Underoath and Norma Jean were mentioned, they are all Christians and all and if you read their lyrics (more so in older stuff, read old Underoath lyrics from when Dallas Taylor was singer, those lyrics are about as "christian" as you can get if that's what you're trying to figure out) I've always liked to use the analysis of being a Christian constructor or builder or whatever, just because you are a Christian, that doesn't mean you're only going to build churches and everything, that probably doesn't help though....
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second, in bands like norma jean and underoath, all the members are christian. god influences their life and every decision they make. this includes influences on their music and lyrics. that is why they are labelled christian.

thats basically it. and norma jean is horrible live anyways, its just noise.

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Also, when it comes to Christian Metal, Stryper FTW!

thats sigged, cause stryper is the shit!
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