Alright I have a floyd rose trem jackson dinky that has a problem...well obviously. Anyways, whenever I tune down a full step the high e string will not sound certain notes at the top of the neck as well as notes closer to the body. The string is not laying on the pick ups or anything like that. I was wondering what else could be the problem and maybe some ways of fixing it. All help will be appreciated.

My Gear:
Jackson Dinky Reverse
Jackson Randy Rhoades
Crate 4x12 with head (yeah I know really cheap:S)
Boss ME-50
Electrophonix Metal Muff
Daddy-O Overdrive
you need to adjust the springs on the back of your guitar when downtuning a guitar with a floating trem

if you loosen the strings, you must loosen the springs

it's all about equilibrium