The infamous fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

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i think a little bit of me just died...i belive i threw up in my mouth when bruce broke chucks leg, arm, and neck
OMG that was so funny!
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He had too much body hair to win.

Bruce Lee ftw
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aftering thinking of Chuck Norris as a god my beliefs get severed after watching this video.... I guess Jack Bauer will just have to become the next Chuck Norris
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NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aftering thinking of Chuck Norris as a god my beliefs get severed after watching this video.... I guess Jack Bauer will just have to become the next Chuck Norris

Why bother worshipping false gods? Just worship to one and only true god... Jimmy Page.
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Doesn't count, Chuck had no beard.

Yeah he did, it was just all over his chest and shoulders.

Good god that man is a hairy son of a bitch
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NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aftering thinking of Chuck Norris as a god my beliefs get severed after watching this video.... I guess Jack Bauer will just have to become the next Chuck Norris
Bruce Lee will just have to bitchslap him too. Fear the monkey noises.

Peace (sells)
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Why bother worshipping false gods? Just worship to one and only true god... Jimmy Page.

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i #### in my pants when chuck was leaning on the wall and he attempts to kick bruce
Bruce Lee is the best there ever was end of story. Chuck Norris can go to hell.
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Lways stretch thoroughly before you fight Norris.
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I noticed the avatar before I read what you said. Then I read it. Then I laughed.
bahahahaha!!!!....LEE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R.I.P. Bruce
Its like chuck shaved his back but missed his shoulders.
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illegit. the chest hair pull is a low blow.

seriously though, ya just dont **** with bruce lee.
Who's Chuck Norris?
Norris returned to the United States in 1962, working for the Northrop corporation and opening a karate school, which many celebrities, including Steve McQueen attended. In 1963, his son Mike was born. A daughter, Dina followed in 1964, and a second son, Eric, in 1965. But another important moment happened in 1964: at a demonstration in Long Beach, Norris met the soon to be famous Bruce Lee, who would ingrain Norris in martial arts history forever with his portrayal as Lee's nemesis in The Way of the Dragon. But while the two were publicly friendly, contrary to what many (including Norris himself) state, they were not close friends. Lee had repeatedly humiliated Norris during a mock sparring session in the hotel hallway at the Long Beach International Karate Championships in 1964. And Norris had offended Lee when he publicly claimed to be a better fighter than Lee.

When word got back to Lee, he called Norris and openly challenged him, threatening to drive to his school to fight (Norris was teaching his black belt class at that time). According to eye witnesses, Lee made Norris hold the phone receiver up and shout in front of his black belts, "Bruce Lee is a better fighter than me!" Later, Norris wrote an apologetic letter to Lee; the original letter is currently in the care of Lee's student, Dan Inosanto. Yet despite these conflicts, the two managed to set aside any differences in pursuit of their mutual film aspirations and develop a friendly public persona toward one another.

I think that's how Norris ended up in the movie (Return of the Dragon).

Anyway, screw Bruce Lee (even though he's awesome), Chuck Norris ftw.
I love the dubbing at the end of that "you bastards!"

And the dramatic camera zooms on the kitten made me giggle too...
BTw its a stuntu double for losing, cause its physically impossible for chuck to loose.
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Bruce lee was just the best.
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Pfft, Chuck Norris.

Get the fuck over it UG.
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I can't believe half of you guys haven't seen this movie. Bruce Lee was such an amazing martial artist. He really did turn it into an art. They said that pound for pound, Bruce Lee was probably one of the strongest men in the world for his size. He seriously was a beast. Fists of Fury was probably my favorite of his movies, then probably Game of Death.
No one can beat Bruce Lee and i'm willing to bet on it, if he were still alive. I'm proud to be Chinese.
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