hey ive been playing for about a month now and i was wondering if anyone knew any badass sounding black/death/doom/ etc metal songs that i could play

thx guys
like jrsnyder881 said pantera and try cowboys from hell
My gear:
Line 6 spider 2 75 watts
ibanez rg 570
fender hss hwy 1 stratocaster
washburn acoustic
I don't know about any easy death metal songs, but for black try any Darkthrone (Kathaarian Life Code is a good start, as is Transylvanian Hunger), Burzum (Dunkelheit, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss) or Graveland (Barbarism Returns, Blood of Christians On My Sword). Doom metal I know is generally a pretty simple genre riff-wise, but not really my area of expertise.
Tiger style.
Anything by trivium, its pretty fast but relatively simple so don't get frustrated because once you can get it down it sounds great. try "Gunshot to the head of trepidation" and "pull harder on the strings of your martyr"
try "key to the gate" by Burzum. its a different song for sure. Its got one of the most ominous, morbid sounding melodies ive ever come across. easy to learn too, solos and all. sounds good on acoustic and electric. very badass
try almost any Windir, some of the tabs on this site are a little off, even on the song tittles, but just look around you'll find some.
try to find some stuff by Crowbar, Strapping Young Lad, Type O Negative, and of course good old Black Sabbath.