I know this sounds slightly retarded but I recently made a part for a new song and I have no idea how I played it. I know I used a capo but I'm not sure where. so if anyone could possibly listen and just tell me the chords i am playing? its the one thats untitled.

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don't worry about it man i do it somtimes, but then again i didn't record it either
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i know i can hear D & E in there. possible a D7th chord.. but i'm not master transcriber.
Yeahh I know but I have a tendency to record little things all the time really fast. I just thought it might be easy for someone to hear what i was playing because I can't seem to figure it out. oh and i just meant the chords not the extra parts at the beginning.
damn.. i was workin on a CD during Dec.. but i got in a car wreck on Dec 29th, and got outta hospitalization (and then rehab) Jan 16.. i forgot like 3 songs i was working on.

i usually write my shit down in a journal.. but one song "i dont know" (named so becasue of the lyrical content and i didnt know the chord names) i lost completely.. cause i didnt write nothin down, but i was just dickin around on my guitar singing the song and the chords came back to me... try that.
i think i figured it out...
does this sound right? with a capo on the 7th fret