Ok I've got a Valveking and a line 6. Seeings as people dont want to buy the line 6 I've decided I want to turn it into a 'extension' speaker. The only problem is Spiders preset tones. Anyone know of anyway to disable these and have the volume and effect knobs be the only ones to work?
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i'm sure ive heard of a feature on line6 amps called a bypass socket, but i think that may only be on the vetta's and only for effects pedals. To be honest i doubt u can turn a combo amp into a standalone speaker. Ask a pro though
I'd keep trying to trade the spider for a proper extension cab or trade it and the valveking for a nicer amp. But if you really wanted to use the spider as a cab(it'll probably sound like crap) you just connect its speaker to the output on your valveking. You might have to put a 1/4" plug on it first though and make sure the resistance is correct.
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