Hi, im looking to buy a guitar head, i want a LOUD sound. What is the best: a sovtek mig 100 or a ampeg v-4? Thanks.
Mig100, although I don't think it has a master volume so if you want the crunch it will have to be loud.
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I have one of the Ampegs, they are extremely loud, but extremely clean as well, think Fender Reverb amps mixed with the Bassman fatness. Clean with balls. If you're looking for overdrive/distortion, go with the mig, as you won't get those ampegs to break up unless you're playing outdoors, or at a stadium.
ok thanks, do you think a v-4 or a mig 100 can be loud as a sunn model t? Thanks.
The V4 is EXTREMELY loud (I'd say comparable to the Sunn) and a great-sounding amp with a very versatile EQ. Very clean amp though, you'll probably want to use an OD or distortion pedal unless you're playing jazz or blues. Mig's are good too but I'd definitely go for the V4, especially if you want it to be loud.
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i agree with matt. the ampeg is going to be super loud, but super clean. i actually got my VT-40 (the 4x10 combo version of the V4) modded for 6550 tubes to be even louder and cleaner. if you want breakup, go with the Mig. they're great amps. judging from the other amps you mentioned, i'd probably be safe in assuming that you know who pelican are. one of their guitarists (the one with the model t) uses a Mig100H as a backup amp.
Oh i dont know pelican use a mig... I think i will take a v-4 with a rat distortion pedal. Thanks guys!
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Oh i dont know pelican use a mig... I think i will take a v-4 with a rat distortion pedal. Thanks guys!

it's a backup, but it's definitely been there every time i've seen them. as far as your decision, congrats! that's gonna be a great setup. i use a rat with my VT-40 and it sounds phenomenal. i also use an SD-1, SansAmp GT2, USA Muff, and Danelectro Fab Tone for gain sounds so if you ever feel like expanding, i can recommend those as well. good luck!