1. Does anyone know what scales Hendrix uses and what the box shapes are? If so can you please post them?
2. I am getting mad because my improvisation usually has the same rhythmic patterns and are so predictable, I also don't really get how I can use the major/minor scales without them sounding classical. Can somebody please help, it doesn't sound good to my ears. So in short, how do I improve it, or does it get better naturally?

1. im pretty sure hendrix just used pentatonic and blues stuff.
2. listen to music. every kind of music there is. or just dont change anything. you said you sound classical? that would be pretty original

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1. He uses a lot of minor pentatonic and blues scales. If you don't know the fingerings, look them up with the scale finder on www.wholenote.com. You can find it under "basics."

2. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5777562536751428345&q=melodic+control
ok thanks, but every time I use the blues scale and ones like it, it just sounds like a moody blues solo. I will check out that video.
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