i am new to playing guitar and i was looking at some guitars for my first. i was looking mainly at the B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock because i am mainly going to be playing metal and hard rock. if someone could give me advice if this would be a good first metal guitar that would be great.
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as a first metal guitar... its okay... but i would try going with AXL Meyhem series guitars... they are not expensive (same price as bronze warlock but better) and the last alot longer than B.C. rich products.
dont get a bd rich. i got one and it just completley broke down on me, i didnt get it used and everything broke in about a month, they're made form bad material so dont waste your money.
just because you're playing metal doesn't limit you to metal looking guitars. try some cheaper Ibanez's or Corts
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id suggest not getting a bc righ guitar, theyre guitars are more so just for looks rather than wuality. i have a custom warlock and i would personaly say that i should have bought a different guitar.

so dont choose the warlock.

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