Hi, I am playing the song "Smells like Teen Spirit". I have learned the song fully, but I can't seem to get the right sound? So now I am wondering...should I not use a pick? I have an Epi LP 100 going playing through a little Marshall MG10. What settings do you suggest I play at? And what pickup? Neck or bridge? Thanks,
Typical UG answer: It's your gear man. Sorry, you're not going to get hte exact or close to the tone to kurt's.

You can always look at the setting thread ^^^^.
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no no. definitely use a pic. but try using the bridge pickup and get quite a bit of distortion. " D
Just try every effect and option you have on your amp. I just mess around with all my settings and gain what not and find whats good for that song
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kurt is playing with a lot of corus, so, if you have corus on your amp, turn it to the max.

check for Kurt setting on the setting thread ^
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