I am looking for a decent amp, and my price range is up to about 700 dollars... and i am looking for a crate blue voodoo head, and a cabinet, preferably marshall, or crate... please tell me some sites to check out, or some links to something, because my band has some shows coming up, and i am looking for a decent half-stack... thanks guys..
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Judging from the bands you listed in your profile im gonna say in big bold letters NEVER ****ING GET A CRATE. They are cheap for a reason. Your best bet actually is to get a combo, probably 2x12 (which is ****ing big) if you see one in person. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend not getting a half stack for under 700 because they will most likely be solid state and have terrible cabs. You are better off looking at some other brands that aren't Marshall or MesaBoogie and looking for a 2x12 combo and a nice overdrive or something.
yea i agree i ended up paying 1300 for my stack wich is cheap. It gets the job done but its not the best stack out there. I could only imagine what 700 would get you.
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yeah, for that price def. look into getting a combo.
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