Im having a little trouble with my dean guitar when i play it and stop i get a "Huming" sound which will not let control the feed back of my guitar the guitar store said it was the bar in the neck...they re-alligned it and it still dose it so i cant play at loud levels palm mute and hold it even with a silencer because of this hum any other suggestions on what it could be maybe something with the floyd rose?

---The huming sound is basicly coming from strings rattling on the fret board dose not happen with my other guitars so its not my playing style
Might be the action?...Raise the bridge if the strings are hitting the frets with you not touching it...
if the strings are rattling on the frets check the action? they might be too close to the frets.
yea i keep thinking that but the guitar place people just keep saying its my playing style but the strings a real low to the neck compared to other guitars...
yea just bring up the action a little bit, coz i had the same trouble on my ibanez and it was just the strings just touching other frets
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