Ive only been playing for around three months with an acoustic, but i might get an electric in a few months or so. I mainly play classic rock like ACDC, Led Zeppilen, Guns N Roses, and all that stuff. What I would like to get is a package with an amp and all that. My budget is around 200$-400$, so if any of you could give me some suggestions and maybe leave a link of the site that you found it off of (if you found it off a site).

dude what you want is probally a fender starter. n something that will last... dont get the bc rich warlock bronze series shit i got mad long ago. but mainly i suggest you buy a guitar and amp seperate cause you wanna get a feel for it
Well bundle wise, I'd go for this new deal Epiphone has going on.

Epiphone Bundle Pack

Damn good guitar, an alright amp and nice accessories. They also have other guitars you can match the package up with too.

I'd also try looking at this too.

Agile AL-2500 White Pearl

And for an amp

Roland Cube 15x

And money left over for some accessories and such.
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