Legendary guitarist George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB) has released the following message:

"The guitar I called 'Mr. Graffitti' was lost due to mysterious circumstances that involved some kind of theft. I have searched for this guitar and considered it a lost cause for the years since it has been gone. I was alerted to the sudden appearance of this guitar on eBay last night [Feb. 11] and after reading the ad for it, it is up for sale under equally suspicious circumstances, claiming it is up for auction by an anonymous third party.

"I am in the process of involving law enforcement in getting it back. I saw the audacity and nerve of the seller's opening bid being at $6000.00 without any regard to how public this is and will be. What I am asking any of you who might be aware of who this is to please come forward with any information. It would be deeply appreciated."

This guy better hope he doesn't get busted.....

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i like how he knows so little about it that he calls the whammy bar the wang bar...haha...he said wang!
"The guitar comes with the original ESP hardshell case, George's strap that came with it, a couple of George's picks, wang bar, and a copy of the Heaven Sent video and live footage of Monsters of Rock ( Irvine Meadows ) playing this guitar. "

That is all.
Will says:
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Quote by epiphonist13
i like how he knows so little about it that he calls the whammy bar the wang bar...haha...he said wang!

Some people call it a wang bar, and please do the people with ears around you a favour and dont buy the mg.
Anyone doubting this is the actual guitar can look at this:http://www.georgelynch.com/guitars/mrgraffiti.html

Be hard to replicate that thing, lol.

And yeah I hope this guy gets nailed on this. George was cool enough to let me play 2 of his guitars, can't imagine any asshole would be low enough to do something like that to such a decent dude.

[EDIT] Location says the guy is in Phoenix. George lives over in Mesa last time I heard. Wonder how this clown got ahold of the thing?
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