i dont get the difference between down picking and sweep picking or up picking or w/e, is down picking picking down like moving ur thumb in a forward motion? is sweep picking moving ur middle finger backwards in a motion like that if u had a pick in ur hand? i didn't know there were different kinds of picking, ive just been picking for like a year and a half, and do certain types of picking make it easier to play songs?
Downpicking is just strumming. Sweep-picking is a soloing technique where you move your fingers up and down the guitar while syncing them together with your picking hand.
well up and down picking makes things easier for fast passages
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sweep picking is like when u strum a chord but slower like a good example is the begining of welcome home from coheed and cambria
its the part that sounds like a muted somewat strummed chord
all u do is instead of picking each string indivudally like alt. picking u just glide down the strings and only hit it once
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Down picking is pretty self-explanatory: it's using consecutive downstrokes (down, down, down etc) as opposed to the alternate picking pattern of down,up,down,up, etc. You'll see downpicking primarily in metal to give riffs a crunchier sound (Master of Puppets, for example: every single riff in the song is all downstrokes).

Sweep picking is much more difficult than downpicking, and is completely different. It's basically a technique where you glide the pick across the strings to sound out arpeggios, usually at a pretty fast speed. Tons of metal songs use it. Here's a decent explanation of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweep_picking
there's alternate picking which is both hitting the string down-up-down-up, instead of down-down-down-down
and tremolo, which uses the same method, but stays on a note for a period of time
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