okay well now that i have a metronome, how do i use it? i dont understand how it helps keep the beat, im trying to play arpeggios over it, and it doesnt seem to help much
lol 4 beats

do 8th arpegios

1st beat play 2 notes of the arpeggio

same with second 3rd and 4th
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Wow, are you from Michigan? I think you may be in my euphonium section.
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haha ... never thought you'd need an instruction manual for a metronome ...

it works like this (although it may not be as obvious for guitar players, don't know how much you know about time signatures). if you're playing within the range of the metronome you can just set it so that each click corresponds to a note, play it EXACTLY in time with the clicks and your rhythm will be more even. if you're playing too quickly to have a click-per-note correspondence then turn it down and play 2 notes per click, one EXACTLY on the click and one EXACTLY in between two clicks. if you're playing triplets you want to space the notes out evenly so that all 3 fall in one click and the next note falls exactly on the next click.

there ... i think my old piano teacher would be proud of me XD