Ok so some guy said RPG Maker XP is really good for rpg's(go figure) he said i could get it from crankeye.com. Does that download contain any virus' or spyware or bad things in general? and is that download free for the whole thing?
How the **** are we supposed to know?!

But really, rpg maker is awesome. It's easy to make ok RPGs but hard to make amazing ones. I was a god at this back when it was RPGmaker2K, and I got pretty famous for my rpg on a forum. Bah, I don't have it anymore and I can't be arsed to learn that program again.
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Trust me, it's a really difficult game.

If you take the time to master it, it's pretty amazing what you can do. You have a HUGE arsenal of tools to make one.

If you download it....good luck. (I'm not trying to be an ass)