..what gigs would you check out?.

Led Zep Madison Square Garden
Clash of the titans (slayer, megadeth, testament etc)
Michael Jackson Grammy Awards (well, he was talented)
Stravinsky Rite of Spring Premiere
June Jam
Any Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert before the plane crash
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led zep at madison aquare totally. i have that on DVD and its insane
the game
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June Jam
Any Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert before the plane crash

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Led zeppelin so i could catch stairway to heaven live, Any skynyrd concert, Metallica before the black ablum, AC/DC live at donnington, woodstock 69, the very first ozzfest.
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I'd definitely go to Woodstock, and see at least one Zepelin concert.
zeppelin at madison square garden
red hot chili peppers at slane castle
Pantera. Any of them.
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definetely Led Zeppelin,
Gunz N Roses when Slash was guitarist
Pre City of evil, Avenged sevenfold
Pantera, Metallica,
some Black Sabbath concert
some AC/DC concert
Rage Against The Machine (their last concerts at cali?)
Stone Temple Pilots
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Death, Pantera, or Cynic.

SGEdit: and Carcass!

Cynic would have rocked. I saw Carcass on the Heartwork tour.
I would go into the future and check out me shredding in a future concert.
Or back in time at the Freddie Mercury tribute.
Elliott Smith RIP
Black Sabbath w/ Ozzy
Taking Back Sunday w/ John
Woodstock '94
Queen w/ Freddie Mercury RIP
The Movielife (although I heard they sucked live)
And Shitloads of classical stuff (J.S. Bach, Bethoveen etc.)

and tons more I'm sure...
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Mayhem, Pantera, Death, and Metallica.


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Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival
The Exploding Plastic Inevitable
The Stooges in '68 or '69

and, yeah, Rites of Spring would of been awesome
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