I'm not on this forum much so I miss a lot but lots of people talk about you and I just was wondering if you had any pictures of your work.

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Stop spamming the forum and send Algee a private message. He'll be sure to get the message that way.
Will says:
- SmarterChild - says:
I don't know if I can help it.

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Will, I know you are being good as to reporting this, but cmogi has been around for a while and is a cool guy. He just hasent been around in a while and wanted an update on Algae. PMing Cmogi...
Hm....hey man, I was the original mod of the forum and started it...

anyway, I was more into having anyone else who might be in my boat see some stuff too.

So chill

or il report you for reporting me
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yea, the whole tattle tale thing is part of what really kills in this forum

though you seriously should just pm him, or try a search

although in other perfectly successful forums things like this are common place and nobody really bats and eyelash, and it doesn't really take away from the forum much, sometimes it leads to a good discussion.
Yeah there should be a thread of all the 'progress pics' that can be cleaned out regularly and stuff. Kinda like the gallery thing but with just recent progress photos and some info and a link to the actual thread.

There's so many just random question threads that are useless now but you have to search through pages of them to find the good build threads.

And in saying this.. Is there a way I can delete old threads I've made that are now redundant? Just to do my own bit for keeping this place reasonably clear of useless old crap?