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Guitar 1-Flame top LP with Maple Neck
2 12%
Guitar 2- SG with 3 Humbuckers
4 24%
Guitar 3- Sunbust LP
5 29%
Guitar 4- Flame Top Rhoads with a Floyd bridge
3 18%
Guitar 5-Jem copy
0 0%
Guitar 6- Red Super Strat
1 6%
Guitar 7- Red Super Strat w/ binding
1 6%
Guitar 8- A cross between a Rhoads and King v
0 0%
Guitar 9- Flame Top LP
1 6%
Voters: 17.
What guitar do I get out of these, I know this guy who is selling these but I dont know what one to buy, I have an epi LP right now. (they are all mahogany and alder exept for the jem, it's basswood) And There are no model names, the guy I'm buying from buys them from a guy who makes custom guitars with a computer automated machine and sell them for dirts cheap.
Guitar 1
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Guitar 2
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Guitar 3
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Guitar 4
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Guitar 5
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Guitar 6
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Guitar 7
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Guitar 8
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Guitar 9
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get an sg with two pickups. the middle one will restrict your picking in most cases
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Sunburst LP FTW!
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i can't see any of the links or pics

The descriptions are in the poll, no pics it looks like.
it would be a lot more help if you gave model names and makes!!!
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