every time i make a thread or read someone elses, there is always that person who has to be a jerk who has to either complain to give them something to do cause you offended them, or insault you cause you dont have as much knowledge as them, well you all didnt know once yourselves, and those who dont help who just write dumb stuff down and complain are just showing off there stupidity, threads are about communication with other musicians so if your just gonna say stupid stuff why would you even bother?
Couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, shorten it please.

Some punctuation wouldn't kill you either.
man, get used to it. it occurs on every thread on this site, especially in the pit. ug members are assholes in general, and they put you down to inflate their egos. they can hide behind their computer screens, but they can't hide from their own cowardice. i'm not saying i am excluded from this group, but at least i can acknowledge it.

i thought i graduated from the eighth grade, but when i joined UG i found out otherwise
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Suck it up, princess.
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in all honosty threadstarter your post was actually very
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You guys are REALLY strict. Worse than neopets.

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cokesodanotdrug, your a bitch.
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in all honosty threadstarter your post was actually very

Dude, you rock and all, but you may want to finish that off.
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You're an idiot who knows nothing.

Have a nice day, Masta.