i just bought the boss ds-1...but im having trouble finding a good setting,, its just seems like it has either too much bass or too much sustain, i dont know...the distortion in my little amp is sounding better than whats come from this pedal so far... im tryin to get sound thats kinda like sensesfail / takingbacksunday/ armorforsleep....would another pedal work better....ANY SUGGESTIONS???????
hmm... yeah typically Amp distortion is way way way better then pedal distortion.

I have that same pedal... it ain't that great. You can probably find a really good distortion pedal but it won't be cheap.
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I use my DS-1 mainly for just grungy type distortion and i have it set and around 12 o'clock for tone and 3 o'clock to all the way for dist. but those are always changing. I use my Metal Muff for everything else.
The DS-1 can't possibly sound good unless you run it through a powerhouse tube amp IMO. Still, it's very rough and needs mods to make it smoother.
Try not to use 'extreme' EQ settings like bass 10 and treble 5.
Keep it close like 6 5 6 or something along the lines.
it takes years to EQ it! (exageration)
^ It only has a tone knob. And with the DS-1, this is kind of redundant I know, but it really depends on what you're using while playing it. Generally, the tone knob sounds best at around 11 O'clock, but if you're using darker equipment the tone knob sounds better all the way up, and conversely if you're using bright equipment.
Yea, I do realize that. I just meant that keep the tone knob near the centre and not crank it to the max or zero.
ds-1 isn't good for the sound ur trying to get unless u have a good amp. there r better distortion pedals than the ds-1.
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Quote by toogoodd
ds-1 isn't good for the sound ur trying to get

DS-1 isn't good for any sound.

I bought one and it was terrible, tone on max sounded too tinny etc. Where did you buy it from? I bought mine from soundcontrol and they let me exchange it.
As for a replacement distortion, I can't help you as I exchanged mine for a Tubescreamer TS-808.
Quote by supergerbil
DS-1 isn't good for any sound.

Satch and Vai seem to make it sound half decent, or is their sound complete sh*t?
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Theirs are probalbly modded.
*lightbulb appear above head* I've got it. Mod YOUR DS-1.
Quote by SurfinWithSatch
Satch and Vai seem to make it sound half decent, or is their sound complete sh*t?

analogman, duh.

and go to www.analogman.com, and send him your pedal and the correct amount of money. trust me, it's worth it.
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