Hi, i have an ibanez gax70 and run it thru a fender 15b amp i know it sucks, but for some reason, i get really shitty sustain...it will hold for about 15 seconds, then just cut out...i am wondering if it has something to do with the cords, the amp or the guitar itself...at the recording studio i go to, i use a pa system with no problems...idk...any ideas/help?
the amp. Mine does that too...and when I use the same chord and the same guitar on a different amp, it sounds beautiful. I think it has something to do with either the wiring or maybe your speakers starting to blow...idk what it is. But i definatley do kno that its your amp.
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Turn up the gain.
Raise the action
Lower the pickups
Umm..turn up the volume
Get Fat Finger
Use neck pickup
Turn up the volume
Get Fernandeds Sustainer
Get a compressor pedal

pretty much it

15 Seconds ain't too bad at all really. I've heard alot worse.
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yeah i would get about that using a strat AND a Big Muff,but then again i dont really need much sustain when i play....

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It's a crap amp, simple as - it'll have very basic wiring with low quality components so you won't get the best signal quality and strength. Also, physically it's not very big, the speaker's small and poor quality and the enclosure is likewise small. That means you've got pretty much zero cabinet resonance and vibrations will die off pretty quickly. That's also why you can't make a crap amp much better no matter what you put in front of it.
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I don't understand, why aren't you satisfied with 15 seconds?
15 is a hell of a lot of sustain. If you want more though just you some feedback. ive held notes for 5min long using it
15 seconds is a lot of sustain. Which song are you playing that need a chord to hold for more than 15 seconds?.
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