I'm looking for a cover band in the Spokane, WA area... I'd prefer to work with another guitar player in order to do harmony leads & trade-offs (i.e. Thin Lizzy), however I can also handle the guitar chores by myself as well if needed & I can do harmony backing vox...Total team player, will do the homework if I don't know the song already; I believe in cover song accuracy to the best extent possible (signature cues/changes)

Genres: 70s to present Hard Rock/Rock/Top 40/Funk
(Sorry, no "Dropped-'D' or "detuned" nu-metal, emo, screamo, thrash, deathcore/grindcore or C & W please)

Chops/Songwriting samples at www.myspace.com/theliquidators1

Thanx 4 your time & consideration
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