ok so me and my band are playing in front of another school next week, everyones around my age ( 14-15) but were still not sure about which songs well be playing, so what are some good songs to play infront of a school? we're going to play a maximum of 4 songs, so far we only have knockin on heavens door but, were considering playing smoke on the water, sweet child o mine, todo cambio by camila (mexican band), we might not play those but we're considering them, so i need some suggestions, also whats a good opening song?

thanks in advance
Play "Through The Fire and The Flames".
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Play something your style that the kids will like. Most likely they won't know if you're amazing at your instruments or if you're doing something hard even if you are.... just try and play something that makes you SOUND good and look professional. Kids'll eat that up.
Andrew W.K. songs are the greatest for live shows. Easy, up-tempo, and they're all about partying.
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Play "Through The Fire and The Flames".


Do something easy but not too easy and that most people would know like Enter sandman, walk, stairway or iron man
sweet child of mine for sure, if you can get the whole song down
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my band played knockin on heaven's door, sweet child, and smoke on the water and we were a humongous sucess so you can try that. We had everyone on there feet, it wasnt only delivery but also the song choice
=( not fair man! my bandmates are lazy and ditched me at our gig last week! btw i wouldnt play smoke on the water try something more challenging and try to atleast make 1 song to play.

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