Hey, finally selling my Giger Iceman. I have replaced the pickups with a Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB combo and I will also include the old pickups if you wish. Also included will be a Coffin Case that fits the guitar well, which is rare for that instrument. The tiniest paint chip can be seen (barely) on the edge of the horn that sticks out, a little black pen to cover it up and it's unnoticeable.

Hoping to get up around $750, shipping not included, or a tad more for all of this, PM if interested. Since this is a fairly large instrument/case, shipping could cost nearly $100. If the shipping comes out to be close to a full $100 then I will lower the price of the guitar a fair amount to keep the total below $850. I'm in America so I'd prefer to only ship to the US.

Pictures are sadly before the pickup switch and the small paint chip. If I head home soon I will update the pictures.

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Would you consider trades?
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