I've been conditioned
To itch in this place
To scratch at my arms
And try to escape

By too many nights
Spent watching the walls
And feeling my skin
I feel it, it crawls

It crawls and it burns
At what you threw away
In your wasted mind
For a small price to pay

I wish I could bleed
So the pressure would go
When I see those eyes
And know what you've known

It starts with a glance
Then the burning comes back
You ruptured that smile
You distorted the facts

Only to break you
If only I'd stayed
Persisted through aching
But my soul was frayed

I know I was weak
I've dealt with that now
That won't change what happened
But it will come around

I could silhouette
The line of a face
From what's in my memory
Yeh, that far off place

That far away plane
Where happiness grows
Then transforms to heat
At the nights spent alone

Alone with the walls
And tearing my skin
My fingers, raw, bleeding
I won't go there again

I won't let it happen
You can't keep me there
I've no grace like a phoenix
But I kept the stare

The one with eyes burning
That show what you've done
To the death of our soul
Like black holes in the sun

Oh I still feel pain
And feel the room close
But the questions it asks
I've got answers for those

When you come to be judged
You'll have nothing to say
You know what you did
And I like it that way...

So thats the first thing i ever actually finished writing, let me know what you think...
i write very similar songs to that, so i actually like it
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you