Hey guys,

How would you rate the difficulty of this song? By this i mean the single guitar version with the like syncopated rythm stuff.
Personally, for Pursuit of Vikings, I would say it's pretty easy for a metal song. Relatively easy picking, and no fast parts requiring fast fingers. As long as you know what notes you're playing, as long as you can hold a rhythm and pick fast enough, it's pretty easy.

I assume what you asked is identical to what's on the album.
aw jez lol here i was all proud and everything then i learnt in a day after playing for 8 months
yeah its a pretty simple song, but it shows that songs dont need to be complex to sound sick. Just make sure you play it all cleanly, i remeber there being a riff in the song which is played around the 7th fret, and you had to move you fingers around a bit to make it sound clean, not just holding down a barre chord which i first did, and it makes it sound crap.
You can still be proud of learning a song in one day. You can try and ramp things up now.
You can only play it properly if you dress up as a real viking and scream the phrases "set sail!" and "METAL FOR TEH GODS!" every bar change.
I love Amon Amarth! Great band.
But their songs aren't usually hard. But all the riffs mesh well. I love it.
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