Okay i've been down with the flu or something, sunday evening I felt a little dizzy and my temperature started rising so my mum told me to take neurofen and go to bed, I found neurofen made me feel like normal apart from my dizzyness. but I went on with temperatures blah blah.

Yesterday I was better, I only really got a temperture in bed which I also sweat like hell, before I didn't. But that night there wasn't any neurofen left so my mum told me to take paracetomal, I wish so much I didn't...

around 11pm I took the dose of paracetomal and went to bed, I was hot and only really got to sleep around 12. Thats when it began. 2am I woke up hot and sweating, the paracetomal didn't seem to have helped at all, but this time my sweat smelt, the smell was the worst thing I have ever smelt. it was in my mouth as well, I could pretty much taste it. I dashed to the bathroom and vomited because of the sheer badness of the smell/taste.

I went back to bed but with less covering me too cool me down, it wasn#t long before I woke up and repeated myself... And one last time after which I made the decision I was not going to sleep anymore that night.

I just had a bath and washed my mouth around with fresh breath toothpaste but the smell returned, none of my deodrants can overpower it and my mouth did not stay fresh long.

You get the idea, i'm in hell right now. I smell absolutely all over of this. Its also valentines day so when my gf comes to see me shes gonna pass out if I still smell like this. But the day is young (Its 5:30am here)

Now, the smell.

somewhere through my torture I realised it smells like paracetomal just really strong. Am I sweating it out? Am I allergic (I've taken it before but a long time ago) has anyone had something like this before?? When will it go away? Even my piss smells like it.

Thank you for reading this.
Soak in the bath tub for as long as you can, then take a shower.

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u smelt you piss rofl

When the smell is this strong you can't not smell it...