Hi there all...

I have a noise problem[ noise = "hissss" or "hirrrrssss" :P ].
It happens when my volume is exrememly high, or simpley if my distortion is pedal is on WHILE the Crybaby 535Q Wah-Wah is connected in the FX-Loop and/or WHILE the EHX Small Stone is connected to the FX-Loop...[when it's just the distortion or the distortion and my delay there are no noises...]

Also, when I turn the Small Stone phaser on it makes no noise...

I understand these two effects are not True Bypass, is this the problem of the noises? they are new, both of them...
How can I mod / change them to make it True Bypass and noise-free ?

thx in advance
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I checked again, and there are no noises with all my FX... just the wah is still wrong... it makes a lotta sound when I turn on the distortion...

when the wah is not connected at all there are no noises.

what should I do?

again, it's a Dunlop CryBaby 535Q...
i get the same thing with that pedal (i have one too - the 535q). i don't know the official answer, but I just turn the amp up enough to cover it. also, turn off the pedal when you aren't using it.
when the wah is bypassed I get the hisss,
I'm using a lotta gain but I don't want to minimize my distortion use just because the wah is a bit ****ed up...

Maybe a true bypass mod for the wah will fix it ?