Ok so i have this assessment at school where i have to take 2 songs and arrange them - changing the style completely. We have to do one peice with a vocal line - which is no problem for me, i'm gonna do the scooby-doo theme in swing jazz (like Richard Cheese)

Then the second one needs to be purely instrumental and i cant really decide what to do with it. any suggestions?
Try making a metalized arrangement of an instrumental jazz piece like Sing, Sing, Sing or Take Five.
Take a really old jazz song (some Count Bassy or something) and turn it to anthemic, riff filled rock.

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hmmmm maybe, im kinda thinkin of steppin away from the whole jazz thing, like maybe something classical to metal or some shit...

i guy a few years back took 4 seasons and made it sound totally bad ass with like screamin electric guitars and stuff... i kinda wanna do that but i dont know of a peice to do.