I have been told that to help with the playing of one instrument that it doesnt hurt to also try another. I play guitar now and i have kind of hit a wall sort of. so i was wondering about trying the bass nothing to indepth but i wanted to know your thoughts on this and any suggestions as far as gear just as something to play around on not gig or anything. any advice would be appreciated.

p.s. do any of you listen to bob and tom i miss theyre bass talk segment that they used to do it was great just curious thanks
it helps me sometimes
i would go to my friends house and bang on his drums or play my piano or play my bass
if your a guitar player playing another instrument might give you more ideas for riffs
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Yeah drums help me when I hit a guitar wall. Or buy a super cheap used bass. Or find a cool bass-playing friend.

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Ya, u should try the keyboard, buy a cheap crappy one and play around with it. Playing the keyboard helps my guitar playing out alot, and it gives me a better understanding on music theory and chord construction.
If you want to try another instrument you'd be better off going for something more different than a bass, like a keyboard or drums or something, just not bass, it's waaay too similar.
Well, I'm a bassist and when I hit a wall I'll go and bash out a few chords on the keyboard or strum a bit on my acoustic guitar - it all helps and they all help you imrpove the other instruments. I've come up with riffs on the piano that would sound great on a bass and licks on a guitar that would sound great on the piano - it's all good. Play whatever instrument you like but I'll tell you one thing - once you start playing bass, you'll never want to stop ^_^
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thank you all for the advice ill take it into consideration i never thought of a piano or keyboard thanks