hi i'm wondering if i should get a OD pedal for my gh50l, at the moment i love the distortion this thing has, altough when soloing i cant seem to get a great sound at the higher frets (tapping sounds weak at both neck and bridge position, bending and stuff doesnt have a smooth sound and sustain also lacks. I know i cant get a perfect joe satriani tone from this but something close if possible.

my gear is ibanez RG2570 stock pups, laney gh50l stock tubes EL34s and laney cab 4x12, would updating pups and tubes be better than getting say a TS9 tubescreamer, its for both small gigs and home practice. i know nothing about pedals so any help will be appreciated.
I think prehaps better pups are worth a try first, try getting something with a more even response or more pronounced highs.
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okay i might give that a try. i hear tone zone and air nortons are good for this type of guitar but dont know availability here in aust. also that should enhance my tapping, sustain etc.